16th of july was the day that I moved to Marina Del Rey in California with my boyfriend and the main reason was to study. I have been thinking about studies in two years already, but I have one promise to myself and it was to NOT stay in Sweden to do that. I had always promised myself to challenge my comfort zone, but I have not been sure WHERE I wanted to move. But last summer we were on vacation and lived in Venice Beach and after that trip I was plenty sure; I truly belong at this place. Sounds like a cliche, hah? But, ye, that’s how it is and now.. I am all about to let the future tell.

That was a quite short story of how I ended up here. If you didn’t already know; I am saved in bodybuilding. At Gold’s gym(aka ”the mecca of bodybuilding”), where of course I am spending a lot of time, there is a lot of inspiring people.. And to describe it shortly; if I am one of the fittest girls in my home town gym in Sweden, I am definitely not that girl at Gold’s gym, hahaha! But, you know what; I think that is the key to my own success, to not being the fittest girl at the gym anymore makes me feel even more motivated!

Okey, I think I must explain that. To be ”fit” in my opinion is not to stay shredded all year round or to be the biggest muscular girl. It is all about to create your own body art, the vision of a strong feminine body. I want that X-shape. Tiny waist, wide back and killer legs. 😉 it takes a LOT of time. My daily workouts right now is morning cardio almost every day and weight training six days a week. And the 2190 meals a year PLUS post workout meals is about to go down in my body. Hell yeah, you heard me. Is definitely not a quick fix. 🙂 This bodybuilding lifestyle is kinda dorky, but I love it!

I think that is my preliminary presentation of myself, If you want to know more about me, you just have to visit my blog even more often. 😉

And here is a summary in pics of our first three weeks;

IMG_0015 IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_8386 IMG_8600 IMG_8611 IMG_8703 IMG_8725 IMG_9485 IMG_9541 IMG_9696 IMG_9712 IMG_9768 IMG_9781 IMG_9829 IMG_9885 IMG_9892 IMG_9916



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Fitness star Angelica Enberg lives in LA California, where she reports to us from The Mecca of bodybuilding; Golds Gym, Venice Beach LA. Working her way to a debut in women´s physique.