Hopefully 21 weeks out

Hopefully 21 weeks out

Seems like I have failed with the blogging for a while, but let’s skip the excuses and actually write about what is going on in my life.. Cause that’s why you end up here at my blog, right?

I really like to study so far, Santa Monica College is huge and the weather is so nice. The school and the homework is not that hard but for me, who have english as my second language, it takes extra time. Anyway, all I want to say, is that I have a lot of time to just work out at golds, hanging around in Santa Monica/Venice or just laying at home doing nothing. The negative of having a small amount of stress in my life is; I get a little lazy. It is not that I skip any workout or something like that, it just feels like I need more sleep and couch time than before.

Love to row

Love to row.

This past weeks I have really felt that I need more motivation and to be more productive, to feel that I’m satisfied.. So, me and coach Joakim Hetland have started to put up some new plans for the next six months. Nothing is 100% at the moment, the only thing that is a hindrance to my plans is the economy of mine, I think everyone who is a student knows what I’m talking about. As a student, I have to think a few minutes extra before I spend my money, especially here in Santa Monica which is a very expensive city.. or the whole country is in looove with all these extra fees and so on.

A piece of me tho, or a BIG piece of me have decided to go for it, to reach my goal regardless of the barriers. Usually everything works out just fine at the end. Many people feel a need to be safe, having money, having an own apartment, having the future locked in safety.. I am not that person, I will never get stressed out over things like that. Many people think that I am crazy.


Yesterday, me, Daniel, Linda and Erik watched NHL at Staple Center.

Today we went to Hollywood, finally.

Today we went to Hollywood, finally.

This was all of my thoughts this evening, you will hear from me this coming days. Hopefully, I have made some more decisions about the future.




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