Little Miss Flex is a brand new site for girls interested in fitness, sport, health and beauty. If you want to target this audience, placing an ad on our site is a good idéa. We offer many different sizes and solutions. Here are some examples.

Ad options and sizes

Standard ad sizes
Headerbanner 1 (next to logo)  728×90 px
Headerbanner 2 (next to logo)  468×60 px
Large leaderboard 970×90 px
Leaderboard 728×90 px
Large rectangle 336×280 px
Small rectangle 125×125 px
Footerbanner 728 px / custom

Custom (Most powerful)
Big Slide ad 750×400 px
Sponsored post (custom size)
Background takeover ad (both sides homepage + 120 px top of page ad space)




Send us a request at and we will make you an offer.
Filetypes accepted are JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML and must be delivered in the correct provided format.
The content must not conflict with any Copy Right laws.

We can also help with the production and design of your ad. (Added design fees applies).

All enquires and orders are mailed to: