Here´s how to quickly stretch for splits for beginners.If you want to do a split? Just for fun or to include it in a dance or fitness routine; Here are some tips to quickly stretch for splits for beginners.

How I quickly stretched for splits in 4 weeks, for beginners

1. Buy a good stretching regime and coach

What many people lack when they want to do the splits is simply the self discipline to decide to get down and the floor and hold all the stretches for a certain amount of time. And to do this often enough to achieve results. What you need is a coach. Telling you to this an´ that stretch and hold it for this long while they are doing it at the same time, instructing you. There are a lot of great DVDs available with instructions for split stretching for a good price at amazon. My favorite is “Get Bent” with Kristina Nekyia, the full routine last for about 35 minutes and you can easily repeat or skip sections to get what you need the most.

I used this several times a week when practicing for my freeposing routine and was able to do the splits within 4 weeks.

All you need then is the willpower to put on the DVD and then follow the instructions. Now you can practice your splits in the privacy of your own home whenever you feel like it.

Alternatively find a youtube video but they are not always so thorough.

2. Use Yoga blocks and elastic bands

Holding certain stretching positions can be quite demanding strength wise as you need to hold your own body weight in order to maximize your stretch. The further you are from the floor, the heavier it is, and the more demotivating and exhausting it is. If you buy a couple of yoga blocks and some yoga stretching bands it can help you hold the stretch more comfortably for longer, without feeling like your doing a weightlifting exercise at the same time. They can also help you reach higher levels of flexibility not possible to achieve with only yourself and the floor as a help.

How to quickly stretch for splits for beginners

How to quickly stretch for splits for beginners

How to quickly stretch for splits for beginners

How to quickly stretch for splits for beginners

3. Put it into your routines

Now you have your equipment in order, find a time of day that is most suitable, a good choice is in the evening before you go to bed. I found it relaxed me, and I fell asleep more easily and slept better If I did this just before going to bed.

And before you know it, you´re doing the splits. And its motivating to discover the progress you made every time you put on the DVD.



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