So you love to work out, but you also love to look great, and you don´t always have tons of time to make your self look great. Many apply their make-up in the morning and leave it on for duration of the day. Also to our workout. So here´s a quick list of pros and cons of things to make your lashes look better. 


There are tons of different mascara and everybody has a different favorite. Finding yours can be a lifelong task.  If you do wear it to the gym, make sure it’s waterproof to avoid looking like a panda bear at the end of your session.

Pros: Cheap, easy, can easily be undone it your not happy with the result.

Cons: Can be messy, the result and look is not always very good, and you have to reapply every day.

Lash growth serum

Yes. It´s there, in many different brands and price ranges and yes it does work. With varying results. Mostly your natural lashes will grow longer. However the thickness or number of lashes will not increase. You will not wake up with inches long “to die for” lashes the day after you first try.

Pros: Can be cheap (big difference in prices) a natural and semipermanent improvement in length

Cons: You have to be consistent and remember to apply it every day for a period of time and the effect wears of when you stop using it. The effect is rarely as mind-blowing as you wish and you still have to use mascara to really see the difference in length. So if you don´t wanna have messy mascara during you workout there´s really no big difference from not wearing mascara with just old un-serumed lashes.

Fake lashes

Hello superstar! Fake lashes really give you that wow-factor moviestar look. Comes in a large variety of sizes, lengths, styles and even color if you wanna do something crazy one day! And they can be very cheap too.

Pros: Cheap, dramatic wow factor look to your lashes. Simple to remove if you don´t like it.

Cons: Can easily fall out of place during a hard and sweaty work out. Takes some practice to be able to put them on perfectly.

Lash extentions

So this is the newest trend in lash enhancement with soaring popularity. This can not be self applied and you have to go to a salon to do it. Usually they have multiple options for you to choose from, in lengths and size to customize them to your wishes.

Pros: Stays on for a long time, even during really hard and sweaty workouts. Looks fabulous, you don´t need mascara. You can wake up and still look pretty good without additional make-up.

Cons: More expensive. And you get addicted, so it get to be an expensive habit as you need to refill them every 2-3 weeks. It can damage your natural lashes if you pick at them. And that could be tempting. Sometimes the added hairs turn upside down and that looks really weird. So you better bring a brush just in case to fix them. Also some find them uncomfortable to wear, you can´t rub your eyes like a cave girl or give your eyes a rough once over with the make-up remover, you  have to be a bit more careful.



About The Author

Ariell Rosenblad. Art director and Editor in chief Long and varied background in the field of exercise. IFBB Athlete.