Many girls dream of a beautiful, long and not to mention strong hair, but it’s so annoying when it won´t grow anymore or snaps of at the shoulders! Well, I’ve tried MANY products and here is my ultimate top 4 list of which ones will help you to get long hair, why you need, them and how to use them!


1. Nioxin Shampoo

Healthy hair comes primarily through your diet (read this post), and yes, then it comes from the scalp funny enough: D. But in fact, so many of your follicles may lie dormant without you knowing it! Dirt, grease and silicone from bad hair products clog up your hair follicles, so they stop producing hair for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you want to optimize your hair growth, its essential to wash your hair with a shampoo that can safely cleanse it thoroughly, and of course without leaving your hair is bone dry. Nioxin the shampoo opens up and boosts your pores, cleanses, creating a free growth path for your hair again, to grow and that it will be strengthened. Foam through hair with shampoo twice pr shower for maximum effect.

2. SP Lux Oil Mask
If you want long hair, a good hair cure is a MUST! This one is in my opinion the best on the market. It leaves your hair silky, shiny and with a feeling of more strength as it contains keratin, which is what the hair really is made of. Use the cure 2-3 times a week, let it sit for up to 15 minutes if you have the time, and wrap a towel around the hair while it is in, to the further  get a deeper penetration to the hairs. Apply only  to the hair you can collect in a ponytail, the remainder of your hair is healthy enough as it gets enough moisture from the scalp.

3.Potion 9
Just as you use a moisturizer on your face, your hair also needs to be moisturized. This product is a leave-in product, and it is used to “encapsulate” your splitt ends, so they do not splitt further. By giving your hair extra moisture and it can also protect it from heating tools. Only apply the product to the hair you can gather in a ponytail.

4. Sp Lux Oil
This oil, apply 2-3 pumps  1-2 times a day, morning and evening. Already after a few days, you can feel  that the hair becomes stronger and not as dry anymore, compared to many others oils on the market,this one does not only layer onto the outside of the hair, but it actually penetrates the hair and rebuilds from within! And it smells fantastic of delicious vanilla, and this is also an important factor! 🙂 Only  apply oil to the hair you can gather in a ponytail!



About The Author

I'm a 24 year old bodybuilding enthusiant from Denmark, and I compete in the figure division. My dream is to go as far as possible in this industry, and I love to push my boundaries. I also have the Danish 4year old hairdresser education, so you will also see me post about hair and beauty.