As fitness grows in popularity, so does the number of fitness Instagrammers, we are starting to recognize certain different stereotypes within these instagram accounts, heres a collection.

10 types of fitness instagrammers

1. The Bootey Queen

Title says it all, This girl has quite the large follower list. Not surprisingly because one of the most efficient ways to gain followers on Instagram is by posting belfies on a daily basis. She wears a YES I SQUAT T-shirt, and when she goes to the gym, this is also what she does. In addition to 10 other booty building exercises. Her favorite pants are yoga pants that inserts themselves nicely between her cheeks to further promote her grand behind. She cannot walk down a street without turning heads, and as she might complain that people stare at her glorious booty, but she secretly loves it.


2. The Fit mom

Fit mom is an expert at finding creative ways to fit in time for exercise, and eating healthy while at the same time taking care of and entertaining demanding brats. You would see her sprinting up hills with a stroller while at the same time preparing child friendly fruit youhurt treats. She does her grocery shopping with her kids on her shoulders doing lunges while pushing the cart filled with superfoods. She’s an expert at combining chores with exercise, there´s window washing with kid shoulder presses, and vacuuming lunges, her motto is; children are no excuse not to be fit.

3. The hardcore bodybuilder

Veins, gains and old school pump is keywords to this instagrammer. Every workout, which is sometimes twice a day is well documented with one or more flexing of the muscle group which has been worked out. Getting to the mirror fast enough in the right lighting before the mind-blowing pump disappears is their biggest problem. They might even do an extra set only to get the perfect pic for their muscle of the day post. Their entire IG-page looks the like a repeat of the same story, and you can easily tell their workout split from their posts. Sometimes they might surprise you by posting a picture of a family member or a dog.


4. The superhuman over-achiever

This person has an endless list of amazing merits, they are the world champion of everything and anything they set their mind to. You get exhausted by even thinking about their daily “way-to-success” routines. They are never tired, never look fat, never fail, never give up, and always win anything and everything they ever participate in. And all of their glorious victories are well documented on their IG-page. If they have a bad day in real life, they post a throwback to one of these glorious events.


5. The “from fat to fit” storyteller

This person has made a choice and decided that the best way to keep myself motivated is by creating an IG account called xxxgoesfit or xxxfromfattofit. Thinking positive feedback from others on the same mission and expectations not not fail will keep them from going back to their sinful, relaxed carb-loving lifestyle. Their IG-account is a mix of shy workout of the day selfies in the gym mirror, promotion of products they might win if they repost, and of course: awkward progress selfies in the bathroom mirror. Sometimes they often hold up a news paper or wear the exact same underwear to display their progress as precise and truthfully as possible. However most of these accounts stop posting pics around christmas and summer holidays and start over again at the new year and in the fall….

6. The “love my perfect fit life” Myth

This person seems to look and feel perfect at any given time. Even their backyard with thrash cans seem to look perfect in some kind of hipster arty way. They go on holiday every other week in fancy resorts, own 4 different Bugatti´s and Lambo´s, every meal they eat looks like a fit piece of art. They invented the hash tags #Iwokeuplikethis and #nofilter #nomakeup I´m simply that perfect. Their are experts at accidentally adding a glimpse of abs, an expensive car, or perfect hair while the post is about something entirely different. Also they do great posing at the most awkward places. Who knew you could be sexy while doing a handstand and a split on the hood of a car wreckage in a junk yard while pondering the meaning of life? However no one has ever encountered these people in real life…

7. The creep

This one is too common, this instagrammer has a username like; xxx69xxIluvfitgirls (no insult intended if this username actually exist). But this user has no pictures, no followers and is following 5000 bootey queens and fit girl celebs. screenshotting pics for his own personal spank bank. Block instantly!


8. The celebrity

This person has more followers than popular artist and movie stars. Why? They´re very good at looking good in Instagram, thats their talent. In the end it ends up becoming their profession. Nobody can really explain what it is they are doing, or why they are famous, they just are.


9. The promoter

This person uses most of their post to repost instagram competitions to win gym wear and fit supplements. They post pictures of things they buy, often neatly spread out on their bed or table. While doing so often tagging the brand in question, in a desperate wish to get some credit. They post pictures of products they eat to. Often with a review. Also they do a lot of shout outs for other people even though they don´t have a lot of followers so the shout out is basically useless for the person being shouted out. Once in a while they will post a photo of themselves holding up a product they like.


10. The fitness model

This person has the title fitness model in their description, with info about how to contact them for fitness model jobs. Their entire IG-page is full of studio photos of themselves accompanied by a deep and heartfelt motivational quote and a reference to the photographer who took the photo. There might also be a large amount of professional beach and nature pics in which they look either intensely motivated or like their gazing out into the sky having deep thoughts about life and death. Whether or not if they actually ever had a paid model job or if they bought all their photoshoot them selves is an entirely different story.




About The Author

Ariell Rosenblad. Art director and Editor in chief Long and varied background in the field of exercise. IFBB Athlete.