Frida Sjöström is 35 years old from Sweden, The European Champion in master bikini fitness and doesn´t regret a thing she´s done in the name of fitness. She loves smith machine lunges simply because she´s massively strong in this exercise.

Namn: Frida SjöströmFrida Sjöström
Age: 35
Sport/ class: Bikini fitness
Honors: Winner Loaded cup 2013, Swedish Master 2013, Nordic Champion 2013, winner Norway Open 2014, winner Arnold Classic Europe 2014, winner Sweden Grand prix 2015, European Champion 2015.
Sponsors:, Dcore
Instagram: @fridasweb
Facebook page: Frida Sjöström IFBB Bikini athlete

When did you start with fitness?
I started competing fall of 2012 and have been competing spring and fall ever since.

Have you done any other sports before?
I´ve been lifting weights since I was 15, before that I did competitive riding and had my own horse.

You became the European Champion i master bikini fitness earlier this spring, has this effected your every day life or your plans for the future?
That victory was a milepost in my competitive career and ment a lot to me personally. Its more prestigious to say that I´m a  European champion in my sport, as a lot of people who don´t know too much about it might think Im just one in a million other girls competing. Also the interest in me as a person and athlete has also increased which also is a positive effect.

What is your profession and how to you combine it with your life as a top athlete?
My work is training and health related and I run my own days. Its thanks to this I manage to fit the pieces of a tight schedule together with the children, work and exercise in a good way. My workouts are incredibly time consuming and it would have been hard to find the time if I did´t work at the gym.

What do you like best about this sport?
The fact that there´s always something you can improve on. That the sport is evolving and it´s so much fun being on stage.

What do you like least in this sport?
That towards the end of the diet I feel tired and worn out, which sometimes can make it hard for me to be a good mother to my children.

What are you most happy with yourself about, and for what do you get the most compliments?
I get a lot of compliments for my legs, and I´m starting to feel pretty satisfied with them my self after several years of hard work to make them grow.

What is your favorite ‘cheat meal “?
Wow, thats quite a lot, but after a contest I wanna eat at Pizza Hut, so I´m gonna say pizza.

What is your favorite diet food?
Chicken brest with oven roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with cinnamon.

What is your ultimate motivational song?
Eye of the tiger med Survivor.

What is your favorite exercise and why?
I really like lunges in different variations, Love to do them in the smith machine so that I can load up on the heavy weights without being afraid to wobble. I like lunges honestly because I´m massively strong in them. 🙂

What are your plans for the coming competitions and what are your motivation for these?
My motivation has been a bit on the low side since the European Championship as I have had greater focus on other thinks in my life, even though I alway train hard, and think the workouts are fun. I will be competing this fall, and I´m aiming for gold, so thats my goal.

Is there something you regret having done or not done due to this sport?
Actually nothing at all. I can´t possibly regret all the fun experiences and travels I´ve had both with the national team and by my self in due to the contests. Fitness is my life style and it had been my life style for many years previous to my competitive career. It´s an active choice and I can´t regret taking care of my body.

If you can give yourself a piece of advice before you started with fitness, what would it be?
Don´t be hasty! Accept help from someone with experience and ask your self the question, are you prepared do a place enough time and energy on a competitive career with with all that it entails?



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